Santa Clara University | Fall 2014

MGMT 2504/3504. Innovation in Silicon Valley (MBA)
The course will cover the skills, practices and processes for understanding and managing technology and innovation in fast paced environments. The course delivery is informed by extant foundational and emerging empirical work in innovation. This course will complement content in elective courses (product marketing, product development, and intellectual property, small business entrepreneurship) and core courses in strategy. Prerequisites: MGMT 501 and MGMT 503 or MGMT 2501 and MGMT 2503, or MGMT 3500 and MGMT 3502. (3 units)

(source: scu website)

Prospective students are welcome email me at cisakson at scu dot edu.

The syllabus will be available on the first class session.  I look forward to seeing you there! 

NOTE FOR WAIT LISTED STUDENTS: I encourage all wait listed students to attend the first class session. [08 September 2014]