Santa Clara University | Winter 2015

MGMT 162. Strategic Analysis-The Business Capstone

Focuses on the processes by which managers position their businesses or assets to maximize long-term profits in the face of uncertainty, rapid change, and competition. Covers various frameworks for analyzing an industry's structure and a firm's competitive position and for developing a coherent, viable, and defensible firm strategy. Requires students to integrate and extend the knowledge and skills that they have developed through their coursework (i.e., marketing, finance, economics, organizational behavior, ethics, information systems, statistical analysis, operations management, accounting, etc.) into a "total" business perspective. Prerequisites: FNCE 121 or 121S, MGMT 160 or 160S, MKTG 181 or 181S, MGMT 80, and ECON 41 plus ECON 42 or OMIS 41 and senior standing. (5 units) (source: scu website)

Prospective students are welcome email me at [cisakson at scu dot edu].

The syllabus is available on Camino.


I encourage all wait listed students to attend the first class session. 

However, if..

  • you would like to get on the wait list 
  • you are already on the wait list and would like to know what your chances are
  • you have petitioned to get into the course and would like to know more about that process
  • you need any other information about registering for the course

Please contact Mary Correia at [mcorreia at scu dot edu].

She can answer all of your questions and will be happy to guide you through the process.

Update [Nov 13, 2014]:  "At this time we will only be issuing permission numbers to students who have petitioned to graduate in March.  The Undergraduate Dean's office has provided the list of those who need Capstone to graduate.  All others, please sit in on the first class meeting." Mary Correia.

Update [Nov 20, 2014]:  An additional section has been added to the winter schedule.

Peer Educator Program:

Students interested in becoming a Peer Educator for this course may contact me at [cisakson at scu dot edu].